In the three minute CCTV clip, he is seen repeatedly hitting and punching the animal with his motorcycle helmet. At one point, he also lifts the helpless dog by the neck with both hands. Warning: Video contains graphic images and may distress some viewers. Most popular: Forget crumpets, get ready for 'Timbits': Canada's cafe chain Tim Hortons to perk up UK market He was also seen acting in a hostile manner towards the security guard and another passer-by who tried to intervene. The Singaporean has publicly admitted to being the person shown in the video. In an interview with TheStarTV, he expressed regret over his actions. Yee claimed that he had been attacked by the canine several times before and he decided to retaliate. During the interview, Yee held his seo authority blog own pet dog in his lap and claimed to love dogs and animals. He said that he had spent "a lot of money" on his own pets just to bring them from Singapore to Malaysia. "I have cats, I have dogs, I have fish, I have birds; I just snapped that day," he said. Yee has come under intense public criticism after his personal information was exposed.

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